Church Health Assessment Survey

"The CHAT church survey really stands out. I like how CHAT identifies your church's strengths, involves every member, is easy to take online, and offers highly-readable results. What a great tool to assess where you are, fill people with hope, and together discern God's will for your future."

Kevin Miller
Executive Vice President
Christianity Today International, IL

"Steve Macchia is at it again. His burning passion to see churches achieve maximum health has taken the next step. CHAT (Church Health Assessment Tool) provides churches with an easy-to-use look at themselves that could move many congregations toward the health that Steve (and, more importantly, the Spirit) envisions."

Larry Crabb
New Way Ministries, CO

"Without a doubt, one of the greatest needs of a large number of churches in America is to become more healthy. Leadership Transformations' new CHAT survey should be a great help to all who use it. It is a joy to recommend it to you!"

Paul Cedar
The Mission America Coalition, CA

Church Health Assessment Tool

Biblical ~ Holistic ~ Insightful ~ Web-based ~ Convenient ~ Cost Effective

The Church Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) was created as a resource for the local church. We believe in empowering you, the church leader, to measure and monitor your own church health. Gathering basic information about your church environment is essential to knowing which areas are thriving and which need more attention. This principal-based tool helps you focus your limited time and attention on the areas that will yield maximum results for you and your church.

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What will my church get out of using the Church Health Assessment Tool?
  • Clarity - As a leader you know that decisions are more easily made in a context of clarity. The difficulty in decision making comes when we rely on a gut feeling or anecdotal feedback rather than a fully informed perspective. CHAT will cut through the fog and give you clear direction.
  • Objectivity - Critics often have the loudest voices. CHAT levels the playing field and gives you sound affirmation of the areas where your ministry is excelling and clear insight into where your attention is needed the most. CHAT's third-party objectivity prevents any in-house bias from influencing the results.
  • Measurability - Progress can be difficult to gauge without some quantifiable categories that you can compare from year to year. CHAT will provide that framework for you through helpful charts, graphs, and specific feedback and help you monitor your health in a measurable way.
  • Unity - As an added benefit, engaging in this process communicates that you value your people. Members of the church family will appreciate knowing that their feedback is important and necessary in order for the church to grow in healthy, life-transforming ways.

What have previous users of CHAT said about their experience?

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How much does the Church Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) cost?

The CHAT online survey plus unlimited printing license within a single-use context and the full color CHAT report costs just $399. For an additional $49, you can add up to 10 questions of your own.

Is there a paper version of the survey for those without a home computer?

Yes. Via the Pastor's Console, you can print paper copies of the survey for those who don't have Internet access or are not computer savvy. Once the completed paper survey has been filled out, it can be manually entered into Pastor's Console by a church staff member. Another option is to place a computer with Internet access in a common area of the church for public use while the survey is open for participation.

How long does the whole process take from the time my church signs up until we get our report?

You choose how long you want the survey to be available. In the process of registering your church for CHAT (which takes less than 5 minutes), you'll select the date that your survey opens and the date that it closes. Then you just need to get the word out to your congregation and encourage as much participation as possible before the survey close date. On average, most churches will make the survey available for about four weeks so that they have the opportunity to plug it during several services. When your survey close date comes, you'll receive a notice by email with a link to the final payment screen. Enter your VISA or MasterCard number and you'll receive your report within minutes.

What information is contained in the CHAT report?

Four sections: Executive Summary (demographics & data snap shots), Detailed Findings, Additional Comments, and Suggested Next Steps. View a sample report.

What if we would like additional assistance after the CHAT process?

If you feel like you might need some extra help after going through CHAT, you have the option to enlist one of our Church Health Coaches via a Teleconference Package. There are several packages to choose from - each kept affordable by conducting the coaching by phone, rather than putting the coach on an airplane. Every church is different so your coach will advise you based on your church's specific gifts, challenges, opportunities, etc.

Take the time to listen to your people. You'll be a more effective leader as a result! Got questions? Call 877 TEAM LTI.

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