Church Health Assessment Survey

CHAT is based on concepts from the book Becoming a Healthy Church (Stephen A. Macchia, Baker Books, 1999) available at our online bookstore.

"For 20 years, God has used Becoming A Healthy Church to encourage pastors and rejuvenate churches because of Steve Macchia's positive, strengths-based approach to spiritual vitality in congregations. Don't miss what has helped thousands of churches enter a new season of health and growth."

Rick Warren
Saddleback Church

Why Conduct a Church Survey?

A church survey can strengthen your leadership efforts. Having a solid baseline of accurate and objective information from your entire church (rather than anecdotal conversations or gut feelings) dramatically increases your ability to plan, strategize, and lead the ministry God has called you to. Awareness is key and there's no awareness without the discipline of listening. We want to empower you to listen well, understand the top-line issues, and thrive in your future direction. We've designed a resource that puts you in control and allows you to gather comprehensive anonymous feedback from your congregation and leadership team. Our CHAT survey is a convenient, affordable, user-friendly online church survey that empowers you to conduct an insightful "listening exercise" involving your entire church in as little as 30 days. CHAT focuses on principles, not programs, so it won't affect the ministries you currently have in place. You can even add your own Custom Questions. It's extremely easy to use and cost effective. When the process is complete, one of our skilled Church Health Coaches (optional) is just a phone call away, ready to guide you in your next steps for deeper discernment, better planning, and more effective leadership.

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