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Dear Church Leader,

Thanks for visiting our website today. No doubt these are challenging times for churches everywhere. We're all faced with dilemmas that test our leadership. If you're a student of history, you know that great leaders are discerning and decisive in the face of challenges. Our ministry exists to help you effectively lead your church and see it flourish - even in turbulent times. In my three decades of ministry experience as a pastor and ministry leader, I have become convinced that the key element in both our personal spiritual formation as well as our leadership is the discipline of listening well. Listening leaders are always the most discerning and decisive.

We can help you conduct a church wide listening exercise to ensure that your church is flourishing even amidst external challenges. Our Free Guide to Church Assessment will introduce you to the benefits of listening and present a powerful, yet low cost resource called The CHAT Survey. I truly hope we can be of service to you and look forward to the opportunity to help you and your church thrive in the months ahead. Check out this informational video in which I elaborate on the 10 Traits of a Healthy Church:

For more information - download our Free Guide to Church Assessment.

For the health of your church,

Dr. Steve Macchia, President
Leadership Transformations, Inc.

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Free Guide to Church Assessment

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"I highly recommend the CHAT Survey to my fellow pastors. It was very informative and helpful to our team in getting a clear picture of the strengths and weaknesses of our church. We have a much better focus now for our future planning. The congregation also expressed a lot of appreciation for being included in this way. I also highly recommend the follow up coaching that is offered. This helped us tremendously in knowing how to interpret the data."

Lester Zimmerman
Senior Pastor, Petra Church, New Holland, PA

"Leadership Transformations provides a world-class service here! The CHAT survey is a very effective tool for listening to a church family's perspective regarding the health of the church. In particular, the ability to compare how the leadership and the congregation see things differently is extremely helpful! The entire survey process has been streamlined and everything needed is provided from beginning to end. And the very timely customer service throughout has been outstanding! I would highly recommend the use of this survey."

Pastor Stephen Humber
Stony Brook Church, Omaha, NE