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Add Custom Questions

Add Custom Questions for $49 USD

The Custom Questions Module (CQM) will allow you to add additional questions at the end of the CHAT survey (standard question set cannot be altered) which you can tailor to your church's specific scenario. The CQM allows you to add up to 10 questions in either multiple choice ("choose one" out of up to 5 choices, view sample) or 1-5 scale format (view sample), plus one open-ended question (view sample). You can also create 2 demographics questions (view sample) and run sub reports to compare demographic groups (i.e. "Which service do you typically attend?" will allow you to compare the survey results by service time). This is a powerful and insightful add-on. You can formulate your custom questions later. You do not have to have them ready at this time.

Becoming a Healthy Church Book

Add Becoming a Healthy Church for $12 USD (33% off)

Special Price (bundled with CHAT purchase)

By Stephen A. Macchia (paperback)
(Baker, 2003) by Rev. Dr. Stephen A. Macchia.

Becoming a Healthy Church fully unpacks the 10 Traits of a Healthy Church that CHAT uses as the assessment grid. We highly recommend reading through this material with your team or governing board as you go through the CHAT process or leading up to it. You'll greatly benefit from having a deeper understanding of this material and you may even consider building a sermon series around these characteristics in order to stimulate thinking and dialogue in the congregation as well.

"If you have your health, you have everything: the old axiom about our bodies is equally true of our churches. Macchia goes straight to the heart of what churches need and can do to survive and thrive in the twenty-first century."
- Leith Anderson, Wooddale Church.