Church Health Assessment Survey

Why Conduct a Church Survey?

A church survey can strengthen your leadership efforts. Having a solid baseline of accurate and objective information from your entire church (rather than anecdotal conversations or gut feelings) dramatically increases your ability to plan, strategize, and lead the ministry God has called you to. Awareness is key and there's no awareness without the discipline of listening. We want to empower you to listen well, understand the top-line issues, and thrive in your future direction ...

Getting the Most from Your Church Survey Experience

Let's face it, a church assessment can be a very intimidating thing. No one likes to be critiqued. You may be thinking, "If I invite feedback, I'm afraid of what I'll get." We'll teach you how to process what you hear in an objective manner. Believe it or not, you'll actually strengthen your church and your leadership through this exercise. It is worth the process ...

Our Holistic Church Health Model

Based on extensive research, we have established ten biblically-centered, cross-denominational church health principles that we use as our assessment grid. Our church survey ...

"Conducting a periodic church survey is an essential 'listening exercise' for any healthy church leadership team."

Dr. Stephen A. Macchia
Founder and President
Leadership Transformations

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